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Trusted Preschool Care in Ft. Thomas

The preschool learning environment at Kids & Cribs is designed to provide a high-quality early education setting for your child. At the core of our curriculum are well-planned learning centers that allow for child choice and self-directed play, small groups, and supportive teaching that prepares children for academic excellence.
The development of language, mathematical reasoning, and scientific thought is emphasized throughout all the centers. Changes to the learning environment, activities, and projects reflect emerging interests and individual goals. Learning centers offer guided experiences that encompass all the skills and understandings necessary for optimum development and success in school.

Learning Centers are supplemented by any number of independent learning activities designed for use by one or two children. Throughout the day, children make self-directed and guided choices, participate in small groups and projects, join in circle-times with the whole group, and talk about their learning experiences. Children are guided to critical learning experiences that form the building blocks of healthy development. Teachers use their talent and expertise to design, adapt, and invent learning centers that best serve the children in the room.

The program is designed for each child to learn all the necessary skills and understandings to succeed in kindergarten and continue to thrive academically and socially. We believe that by providing an atmosphere of love, respect, and understanding, we will prepare your child for a bright future.

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